Our mission is to organize competitive youth basketball teams and instructional basketball programs for elementary through high school boys in Rocklin and the South Placer County area. Our teams and programs are built on teaching solid fundamentals and a

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Rocklin, CA
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Practice Schedule 

~HW (Hardwood Palace) is located at 1091 Tinker Rd Suite #100~

~YBA (Youth Basketball Academy) is located between Hardwood Palace and Skyzone Suite #200A~

~ARC (American River College) is located 4700 College Oak Dr~

Summer 2

 (Grade Based on 2017/18 School year)

Teams Practices Games
2/3 E. Gee/Liddell Mon 5:30-7:00 YBA Fridays + Tournaments TBA
4/5th Andrews  Wed 6:00-7:30  HW1  
4th Kanaan Wed 6:00-7:30 HW1 Wed games, + Tournaments TBA
4th Bigge Mon 6:00-7:30 HW1 Wed games, + Tournaments TBA
5th Phares Wed 6:00-7:30 HW2 Wed games, + Tournaments TBA
6th Dawgs Shaw/Moore Mon 7:30-9:00 YBA Tournaments Schedule
6 & 7th Church Wed 7:30-9:00 YBA Weekend Games
7th YBA Elite Tue & Thur 7:30-9:00 YBA Tournaments Schedule
7th Dawgs Collins Mon 7:30-9:00 HW1 Tournaments Schedule
7th Dawgs RC/Collins Mon 7:30-9:00 HW1 Tournaments Schedule
8th YBA Elite  Mon 7:30-9:00 HW1 Touranments Schedule
8th Degroft Wed 7:30-9:00 HW2 Local Events
8th Phares Wed 7:30-9:00 HW2 Local Events
8th E.Gee Wed 6:00-7:30 YBA  
High School

Wed:7:30-9:00 HW1

Travel Tournaments
9th YBA TJ

Wed 7:30-9:00 HW1

Local Events
4th-6th Panthers Mon 6:00-7:30 HW2 Fridays + Tournaments TBA
7th Panthers Mon 7:30-9:00 HW2 Fridays + Tournaments TBA
8/9th Panthers Hendrix Mon 7:30-9:00 HW3 Tournaments Schedule