Our mission is to organize competitive youth basketball teams and instructional basketball programs for elementary through high school boys in Rocklin and the South Placer County area. Our teams and programs are built on teaching solid fundamentals and a

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Rocklin, CA
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2019 New Player Tryout Registration 2nd-High School Grade

#1 Register for Tryouts (Click Here to Register) Once you have registered (Text 916-276-5367) kengeeyba@gmail.com (For Current info)

We offer Year around AAU Tournament Basketball Teams & Training Programs for Placer County. Coaching Staff of College, High School Coaches .YBA has multiple levels so please include your past teams and experience with other programs as we continue to look for new players for teams.  



2019 YBA will offer Elite, Select and Competitve Teams

Dates to know:

  • (Click Here For YBA Staff)
  • Uniform Purchase Dates will be as followed: YBA is a proud partner of NIKE. 

  • Jan 5th 9:00-12:00PM (Numbers are 1st come 1st serve)

  • Jan 7th Winter Season Starts
  • Feb 10th, 17th, 24th High School Workouts/Evaluations Boys/Girls Tryouts
  • Mar 10th Spring Season Starts


2019 Elementary Boys Tryouts (Click Here to Register)

2nd/U8, 3rd/U9, 4th/U10, 5th/U11, 6th/U12, 7th/13U, 8th/14U

Tryouts are ongoing please contact Ken Gee 

kengeeyba@gmail.com (916) 276-5367


2019 Elementary Girls Tryouts 

4th/U10, 5th/U11, 6th/U12

(Click Here to Register)

Tryouts are ongoing please contact Ken Gee 

kengeeyba@gmail.com (916) 276-5367


2019 7th & 8th Grade Boys Tryouts (Click Here to Register)

Tryouts are ongoing please contact Ken Gee 

kengeeyba@gmail.com (916) 276-5367


2019 High School Tryouts Boys/Girls (Click Here to Register)


2019 Spring HS Travel Season Mar 11th-July 14th

(No Games in June) 

  • $500 ($250 March 1st, $250 April 1st) Travel Team

2019 Spring HS Elite Travel Season Mar 11th-July 14th 

(No Games in June) 

  • $750 (3)$250 (Mar/Apr/May) Payments Including NCAA Travel Events


2019 Middle School Tryouts Girls (Click Here to Register)

March 9th 2019 6:00-8:00 @Hardwood Palace 


Upcoming Tournament Seasons (Pay in Full or Payment Plans)

(Additional cost Nike Uniform and Practice Jerseys)

2nd-6th Grade/U8-U12

Nov 11-Dec 16th Pre-Season 

2019 Winter Season Jan 7th-Mar 9th (No practice Feb 18-22nd)

$350 ($175 Jan 1st, $175 Feb 1st) Elite/Select

$250 ($175 Jan 1st, $75 Feb 1st) Comp

3 weekends for Games Nov/Dec

6 Weekends for Games Jan 7th-Mar 9th


2019 Spring Season Mar 11th-May 27th (No practice April 15-19)

$400 ($200 March 1st, $200 April 1st) 

2019 Spring HS Season Mar 11th-May 27th (Payment Options Availble)

  • $500  Travel
  • $750 Elite Teams Include NCAA Travel Events





Team 2 Coach Price (White Div) Team 13 YBA Maroon
Team 3 Coach Gee (Blue Div) Team 14 YBA Red
Team 4 Coach Robinson (Blue Div) Team 15 YBA Stephens
Team 5 Coach Hunter (Blue Div) Team 16 YBA White
Team 6 Coach Briley (Blue Div) Team 17 YBA UM
Team 7 Panthers (Blue Div) Team 18 YBA Shaw
Team 8 Coach Parker (Black Div) Team 19 JV/V Shaw
Team 9 Coach Harelson (Black Div) Team 20 JV/V Stephens
Team 10 Coach Gee (Black Div)
Team 11 Coach Belton (Black Div)
Team 12 Coach Price
July 10th Wednesday Games Times
Team 6, 10, 13, 14, 17 (Note will play 2 games)
Court 1
Teams Game Time Referee
20 v 19 5:00-6:00 Ryan Gee
13 v 14 6:00-7:00 TBA
14 v 16 7:00-8:00
8 v 10 8:00-9:00
Court 2
Teams Game Time
1 v 2 5:30-6:40 Robin Baver
6 v 7 6:40-7:50 Michell Torrez
15 v 13 8:00-9:00 Chris Christionson
Court 3
Teams Game Time
3 v 4 5:30-6:40
9 v 10 6:40-7:50 Drew Ardessone
12 v 11 8:00-9:00 Ron Carson
Court 4
Teams Game Time
5 v 6 5:30-6:40 Austin English
17 v 18 6:40-7:50 Kyle Turner
16 v 17 8:00-9:00 Dwayne Woford