Our mission is to organize competitive youth basketball teams and instructional basketball programs for elementary through high school boys in Rocklin and the South Placer County area. Our teams and programs are built on teaching solid fundamentals and a

Sponsored By:   Kelly Brown - Realtor
Rocklin, CA
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YBA Sponsored Games
Entry Cost $5 Spector cost 6 and older (1st team listed is Home/White)

March 22nd @ Hardwood

YBA Games 1091 Tinker Rd 

  Ct 1 Ct 2 Ct 3 Ct 7 Ct 6
5:30 8th Del Oro Black v 9th Anderson YBA Adam 8 vs Wildcats YBA Shaw 6 Panthers vs 11u Little Thundercats 6 v YBA Panthers 5th Black 4th Patmon vs Team Dynomite
6:30 8th Del Oro Gold v YBA Adam 8 YBA Sac 8 v 9th Anderson EDH Terminators 5 v Little 5th 2/3 Gee Blue vs 4th YBA Panthers 9U Lady Elite v 2/3 YBA Gee White
7:30 8th Del Oro Black v 8th YBA Sac YBA Shaw vs YBA Elite 2020 EDH Terminators 6 v YBA Gee 7th 4/5th Panthers Scrimmage White 9U Lady Elite v Team Dynomite
8:30 8th Del Oro Gold v Wildcats YBA Shaw  vs YBA 2022 8th Black/White Scrimmage 7th Black/White Scrimmage